Harsh Bhanderi, MS

Database Analyst/Programmer
HMS Team Member since 2023
Harsh Bhanderi is a Database Analyst/Programmer in the Division of Hospital Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine at Michigan Medicine. Prior to joining the HMS Coordinating Center, Harsh worked at the Department of Radiology for Parkinson’s disease research and was a Data Analyst in the corporate industry before that. He has a master’s degree in data science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Harsh’s technical skill set includes proficiency in Python, SAS, and SQL, as well as experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI. He is well-versed in handling large-scale datasets and possesses expertise in data cleaning, feature engineering, and model selection. He is a highly skilled and experienced data manager with a passion for uncovering valuable insights from complex datasets. With a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and programming, Harsh excels at using advanced analytical techniques to solve real-world problems and drive data-informed decision-making.