Henry Ford Hospital

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Henry Ford Hospital is an 877 bed-tertiary care hospital, education and research complex located in Detroit, Michigan. Our hospital joined the collaborative in 2010. For more than 100 years, Henry Ford Hospital has been a leader in advancing medicine and delivering the most innovative treatments. Our HMS team includes Dr. Kaatz, physician champion and Heather Faraone RN, BSN, clinical data abstractor for PICC, Jennifer Pietsch, BSN, Clinical Data Abstractor for antimicrobial, Dr. Croteau, Interventional Radiologist and Dr. Wienmann, Infectious Disease, Rachel Kenney, Pharmacy. Our team is very involved with HMS-related work. We have implemented the following quality improvement initiatives related to improve the quality of care for hospitalized medical patients: incorporating the use of MAGIC Guidelines when determining PICC appropriateness and reducing short term PICC use. Our organization has a PICC Committee to review PICC use and its complications. Our team consists of Hospitalists, Nursing, Interventional Radiology, Infection Disease, Hematology/Oncology, Critical Care, Pharmacy, Home Care and Leadership.