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Detroit Receiving Hospital is a 320 bed hospital located in Detroit, Michigan. Our hospital joined the HMS collaborative in 2012. Our HMS team includes Dr. Renato Roxas as Physician Champion, Brenda Lawrence as Quality Manager, Debbie Dusik-Brinkman Director of Clinical Transformation. We have implemented the following quality improvement initiatives related to HMS to improve the quality of care for hospitalized medical patients. EMR changes occurred in July 2014 to improve VTE risk assessment within 24 hours. •VTE Risk Level and Score is included in I-view under the VTE Prevention section. •VTE alert fires four hours after the Admit to Obs or Admit to Inpatient order is placed. •VTE Assessment tool in the EMR was updated to include documentation of "VTE on Admission" and the ability to order SCD's when pharmacologic prophylaxis is contraindicated. •Modification made in security position assigned to physicians and educating physicians of importance of choosing an appropriate relationship to receive the VTE risk assessment alert. •Notification alerts are sent to physicians when patient refuses pharmacological prophylaxis. •VTE initial assessment tool was available to order before the 4 hours of alert after admission. •Educational efforts - •Increasing awareness to the physicians to accurately add all the problems and diagnosis before completing the risk assessment tool for the accuracy of the risk assessment score. •Development of Net Learning module for using the ‘widget’- Perfect Care by VTE and Resident Engagement Program. DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital, Michigan’s first Level I Trauma Center, is a constant and innovative force in the evolution of emergency medicine. Receiving hosts one of the busiest and most well-equipped emergency departments anywhere, training nearly half of practicing emergency medicine physicians in Michigan. The oldest and largest verified burn center in the state is at Receiving, and is one of only 63 in the country. Detroit Receiving offers expertise in many specialty services, including emergency medicine and trauma, critical care, orthopedics,neurosciences, nephrology, pulmonology, diabetes, geriatrics and urology. Boasting the state’s leading 24/7 hyperbaric oxygen program and Metro Detroit’s first certified primary stroke center, Detroit Receiving is a leader in senior care with our nationally recognized Rosa Parks Geriatric Center. A Center of Excellence for disaster preparedness, the experts at Detroit Receiving have made it the model for regional, state, national and federal agencies. DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital was recognized as high performing in heart failure and orthopedics by U.S. News World Report in 2017.

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