Beaumont Hospital - Dearborn

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Beaumont Dearborn is a 632 bed hospital located in Dearborn, Michigan. Our hospital joined the collaborative in 2015. Beaumont Dearborn is verified as a Level 2 trauma center and has been recognized for clinical excellence and innovation in the fields of orthopedics, neurosciences (Stroke Center of Excellence), womens health, heart and vascular and cancer care. Our HMS team includes Dr. Lakshmi Swaminathan as physician champion, Susan McQuiston as our quality administrative lead, and Christina Kolenc as the clinical data abstractor.  Dr. Rama Thyagarajan is also involved with the HMS-related work. We have implemented the following quality improvement initiatives related to HMS to improve the quality of care for hospitalized medical patients:  

1)  Appropriate prophylaxis for patients  

2)  Identifying low risk VTE patients  

3)  PICC line appropriateness in patients with a eGFR less than 45