Metro Health Hospital

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Metro Health - University of Michigan Health is a 208 general acute-care osteopathic teaching hospital located in Wyoming, Michigan.  Our hospital joined the HMS collaborative in 2012.  Our HMS team includes Dr. David deLongpre as physician champion, Chris DeYoung as our quality administrative lead, and Chris DeYoung and Susan Post as the clinical data abstractors.  Drs. Peter Hahn, Srinivas Mummadi, & Rebecca Douglass are also involved with the HMS-related work.  We have implemented the following quality improvement initiatives related to HMS to improve the quality of care for hospitalized medical patients: VTE Risk Assessment and Order Set, VTE Real-time Dashboard, PICC Order Set, PICC Guidelines (based on Magic), Venous Access Device Compatibility Table, and a Decision Tree for Determining PICC Appropriateness.